Keeper of
lasting memories.

Keeper of lasting memories.

Record and pen down future messages which will be released to your loved ones after you’ve gone. Let your words offer your ties comfort and guidance.

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Record your lasting memories anywhere, anytime.

It’s easy and convenient to record your messages on the go. Thought of a funny joke while on a run? Note it down! Cooking your secret recipe? Record it! Everything is at your fingertips, so you can always record.

Give the gift of lasting words to your loved ones at the right time.

All of your memories will only be released once you’ve passed. Your loved ones will be able to download and treasure these increadibly special messages at a time when they need comfort the most.

Record memories in any format preferred.

Capture your lasting words in a variety of formats to ensure your legacy will live on. You can write messages, record videos and voice notes. These will be made available to your ties once you are no longer around.

Surely and safely. Your data is secured.

When you Entrust your memories to FiveTies we use the latest industry privacy and security technologies. We only ever ask for the information that we absolutely need to serve you.

We adhere to the Privacy By Design philosophy:

- Encrypted cloud
- Multi factor Authentication
- We do not sell your data

How it Works

FiveTies is easy to use, Follow the steps below and get started on creating your lasting memories.

Download FiveTies app from your preferred platform

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Assign the Ties to receive your message

Entrust your memories to FiveTies and your ties will receive them upon your passing.

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