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FiveTies refers to the groups of people closest to us – our children, partner, close friends, siblings and parents. These five ties are the people we will want to leave lasting memories to.


You can record lasting memories in the form of videos, voice notes, written messages or photos. FiveTies will only release these memories to your ties upon your passing.

Yes, once you have subscribed to a plan, your uploaded memories will be synchronised across multiple devices. So even when you change phones, your precious memories will be kept safe.

As long as you have a valid subscription plan, you can edit and reupload your memories. 

Once your current subscription is over, you will need to renew your plan before you can edit again.

All your uploaded memories are kept safe by FiveTies for 10 years, starting from the day you subscribe. For example, if you subscribe to the plan on 10 April 2020 and upload 50 memories by 9 April 2021, FiveTies will store all 50 memories until 9 April 2030. During these 10 years, you will need to make sure you have the app downloaded so all your uploaded memories can be synchronised across all your devices.

If you want FiveTies to continue storing your memories, you will need to renew your subscription. Your memories will be kept safe for another 10 years starting from the renewal date or until your ties retrieve them. If you decide you no longer want to continue the subscription, all your uploaded memories will not be able to be sent to your ties upon your passing. Please refer to question 8.

If you are a subscriber, once you download the app and log in to your profile, all your uploaded memories will be automatically synchronised to your new device.

Once you upload a memory assigned to your ties, they will be notified via email that you have left them something for the future. 

Alternatively, anyone can check if they have been left messages, simply by entering their email address(es) in the Got Mail? section on our site. If they have messages earmarked for them, we will notify them. But they will not be able to view the messages until after the sender has passed. 

Once one of your ties submits the death certificate, the others will automatically be notified to retrieve their memories.

Your ties will receive an email with a link to first report your death by uploading a photo of the death certificate. They will then receive another email with instructions to retrieve the messages from our secured website. They will be prompted to download the files onto their device.

When you subscribe, we will send you a welcome pack with a member card. We recommend you keep the welcome letter with your will and the member card in your wallet. These are the things your ties will go through upon your passing. They will act as a reminder for them to report your death in order to retrieve the memories you have left for them.

You can upload up to 100 memories and can assign any number of ties to them.

Each memory can consist of 5 minutes of video, 5 minutes of voice message, 10 photographs and up to 1000 written words. Note that total cumulative video length in all messages cannot exceed 50 minutes.

  1. You will use the app to create memories and assign your ties to receive them. 
  2. Once you’ve subscribed to a plan, you will upload the memories to the FiveTies server for safekeeping. 
  3. You will receive a welcome pack with a subscription card. These should be kept safe with your will and/or wallet. These will remind your ties to check with FiveTies for your messages in the event of your passing. 
  4. If you have passed, your ties will be required to upload your death certificate in order to retrieve the memories. 
  5. Upon verification of the death certificate, your ties will receive an email with a private secure link to retrieve the messages.

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Enter your email address(es) here. We will let you know if anyone has left you any memories.

You will only be able to retrieve them after they pass. 

  1. You will need to upload their death certificate for verification. 
  2. Once verified, you will receive an email with a private secure link to view the messages.
  3. You will be prompted to download all your memories into your device for your own safekeeping. 

Anyone who wishes to leave memories for their loved ones. Whether you are sick or healthy, studies have shown that by leaving messages, you will experience a sense of relief. And most importantly, your loved ones can find comfort, guidance and closure from your messages upon your passing. 

Simply upload a photograph or screenshot of your important documents, including your will, bank statements, other important and confidential information.

Simply email them to memories@mail.fiveties.com and a new memory will be created with the attached files. For more details on how to do this, please check out the tutorial here.

Fill in your inquiries here. Or contact us at help@fiveties.com.

You will no longer be able to upload or edit your uploaded memories. FiveTies will safekeep your memories for a total of 10 years from the date of subscription. We will then release them to your ties upon your passing.

Your uploaded memories will still be able to be sent to your ties upon your passing within the storage period (e.g 10 years from the date of last subscription). To permanently delete your account, i.e. permanently delete all memories and no longer send memories to ties upon your death, you will have to write an email to us via help@fiveties.com.

Yes! All memories are encrypted upon upload, so all your data is protected and safe at all times.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security, as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.