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Sudden Absence of a Loved One

Losing someone is a horrible feeling. But losing someone without warning is many times worse, especially when that person is someone you share strong bonds with. A close friend, a family member, a loved one, with whom you have shared memories in your lifetime.

Emotions are complex, and they vary from one person to the next. However, almost everyone shares this in common: the need to go through a grieving process to gain closure after the death of a loved one. Only time can tell how long it will take for someone to overcome this grief.

A Swiss psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, introduced her five-stage grief cycle to encapsulate the different stages of grief that one might go through.


Depending on each individual and how they process their emotions, they may go through some or all of the stages, and in different sequences. She described the stages as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Image sourced from: Psycom.net


If you would like to learn more about the Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle, please click on this link: https://www.psycom.net/depression.central.grief.html


At FiveTies, we recognise the ties you share with your loved ones, who may comprise of your friends, your significant other, or any other person with whom you share strong bonds. We provide you the chance and platform to say those unsaid words and leave that precious message that you have for your loved ones. Perhaps it is something you are shy about saying face-to-face, or something to leave for posterity. Whatever the circumstances, FiveTies can help you.


FiveTies will save your message in the four different formats—prose, photo, video, and voice note—in our cloud storage, and release it to your loved ones upon your departure. This way, you can help them get through their grief even when you are no longer physically with them. It is never too early to start creating precious memories for them.


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