On Dec 22, 2020 by FiveTies

A Father's Unspoken Words

My dear elder daughter Amelia,


I have never showed you this, but here is a photo of your Kong Kong and Por Por. You know I am a man of few words. I would rather not burden you with the knowledge of how difficult my life was when your grandparents passed away when I was 15.


Now I know my turn to go is near. I just wanted you to have this because I know you value family a lot. You have probably just uncovered many family stories during the wake. So many skeletons in the closet which I couldn’t bear to talk about.


I have no regrets of the things I have done. It was all good. I did the very best I could. Stop complaining about how I didn’t send you to the UK for studies. All the other 14 children who were fatherless needed our money.


I know you keep telling me that I need to pass the baton to you and that it’s your turn now to chase the monsters away. (What was that stupid song you were telling me about?) Stop telling me to close my eyes, I don’t want to do that just yet. But yes, I know I will, and you will be able to take the baton then.

Visit your Uncle Swee, ok? (yes, yes, the tiny boy on the right of the photo).  I love him dearly.


Take care of the family, my girl.


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