On Dec 22, 2020 by FiveTies

Dear Best Friend

My dear Piglet,


If I had to pick between the two characters of Winnie The Pooh—Piglet and Eeyore—I’d pick Piglet. And yet here you are, the Piglet to my Eeyore. Your sunniness to my gloominess. I just wanted to say that ever since you came into my life, you had brightened it up so much that I simply cannot imagine my life without you.


You are my anchor in times of darkness, offering me your words of comfort. In return, I willingly share a part of me to you that no other gets to see.


I really love this particular photograph we have together. We had attended a workshop together, and we were brushing our teeth and yakking away before going to bed after a long day. We looked so silly, but we were such homies! If others heard our banter, they would surely have asked if we were related.


That was just how intertwined our lives were. And I have to say, while we may not be related by blood, we are definitely bonded in our hearts.

My deep and abiding affection to you, my “bestest” of friends.

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