Father with 3 daughters

On Jun 06, 2021 by FiveTies

To my Three Daughters

Father's Day Series [Real Tale #5]

You may ask, why am I sending this to all of you, and not as an individual tagged memories? It comes from my instilled belief, which came from my parents, in particular Nana, that you are all equal. How is it possible to have equal love for each of you? There must be some kind of favoritism I have influenced by past experiences, that may have tipped the balance one way or another. I can say now, hand on heart, that you are all in my heart as equals. The love I feel for each of you is large and shared. I have thought of you all, almost every day of my life. So thanks to your Nana, I have the same talent! Not sure how it works but I hope you may have the same gift.

I feel privileged to have been the father to 3 girls. I come from a family of 3 boys, so being the father to 3 girls was something I could have never imagined. The change in the world, although still not perfect, means many doors will be open to you girls, were not open to your mother and certainly not to your grandparents. It has been a privilege to be your father. Yes, go far you ladies!

I am not sure what to say that you don’t already know from the love I have expressed to you. When I thought about posting memories on FiveTies I though “what would make sense to be a memory that you could look at in the future and draw strength from”. Well, not much actually that I haven’t already said.

But there are lots of small things. I think there are two kinds of memories and I will label them as:

1) “Words of wisdom” that may be useful at certain time.

2) A snippet of “Dad’s life history” that may be amusing, enlightening and bring some sense of nostalgia to you and maybe even you kids, and grandkids.

I plan to create a few of these as I grow older.

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